Scenery beneficial for me to gather vast knowledge on

                   Scenery stands out in my mind when I visited Krishna and Guntur Districts in Andhra Pradesh State which is very close to my previous project workstation in 2017: severe infestation of the blast in wheat fully burned the wheat field and potentiality of 100% yield loss. This threatened consequence against food security that I witnessed in Krishna and Guntur Districts inspired me to uncover how Plant Health is important to reduce the occurrence of diseases in wheat and ensure maximum yield, which attracts me to apply for master Program in Plant Project. Food production has doubled in last two decades, but about 30% of loss in yield is due to damage by pests, Insects, abiotic stresses and post-harvest losses. plant health is the most important factor to increase the yield rather than all other aspects. In Agriculture, we had increased the yield of crops to maximum and it is impossible to increase the yield further, but if we understand the interactions between climate, pests, pathogens, and crop, we can decrease the yield loss by increasing the plant health conditions. Healthier plants are more resilient to losses from pests, diseases, and drought. This unique master’s program develops my understanding of the role of plant health in sustainability, food security and profitable crop production.

                         I believe that it is beneficial for me to gather vast knowledge on scientific and technological aspects about different crops and management practices which I never encountered earlier which are relevant to plant health and crop protection. Optimistically, I will get the scope to work in a well-equipped laboratory and imply recent research methods to formulate agricultural problems. Therefore, this program is the ground for the advancement to my bachelors and it also fits perfectly with my career aims.  

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