Our for you. 2- When someone says good about

Our mom cooks for us, take care of us, protect us and
most importantly she bought us in this world. But how many times we say thank
you or praises her? We do things for her, take her outside but never say thank
you. There are so many other people in your life that always supported you but
you forget to say thank you. We say everything good to them but never say thank
you. Sometimes the best answer is ‘thank you’.  Here are the situations when you can simply
say thank you-

1-    When anyone gives you advice

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It happens sometimes that we don’t
need advice but some people think that their advice is very helpful to you. But
sometimes it is annoying and unnecessary. Instead of saying something like ‘I don’t
need your advice’ or anything that can hurt just say ‘thank you for your help’.  Thank them for their concern for you.

2-    When someone says good about you

It is natural reaction to say thank
you for the compliment. But sometimes unintentionally we say something else
that devalues his/her compliment. Think of
a situation- when your friend says ‘it is a beautiful dress, you are looking
beautiful’ and in reply, we say ‘no it’s not new, just got the chance to wear it
today.’ We think that saying thank you would sound arrogant but say thank you is always good.

3-    When you are late for workplace

you are a dutiful person but sometimes due to any reason you get late for a meeting, you let yourself down, your boss down
and your company down. Instead of saying sorry and explaining why you are late
just say thank you for waiting. It shows your positive attitude and it also
shows that you really value their time.

4-    When you receive criticism

Whenever we receive criticsm for
something, most of the time we take it in a negative
way. Feedbacks are useful because it helps you to improve your mistakes
and to get to know what your mistakes were. 
Instead of taking it in wrong way or instead of explaining yourself on a
negative comment, just say ‘thank you for
your honest response.’


5-    When you comfort someone

Sometimes it happens that your friend
comes to you with some bad news and
expects comfort and guidance from you. In general,
we say ‘I am sorry for your loss’ or ‘I am sorry that it happened to you’ but
rather than saying this say ‘thank you for sharing this with me, I am with
you.’ Show them that you are thankful for their trust in you and you are there
for them.

You should say thank you as many times as you
can. Show them you appreciate their help, love,
and concern