The aviation industry is governed by a variety
of different rules and regulations, and as sad as it may be to say, these rules
were formed through the deaths of many people in various aircraft accidents
over the years. In spite of all this, their deaths didn’t go for nothing,
because they formed many of the rules and regulations governing aviation today
and making it a much safer industry. Over the last few years the accident rate has
been decreasing, with only 75 accidents and 182 fatalities reported in 2016.

Although this does sound like a lot, it is a great improvement considering the
amount of flights in 2016 alone.  When
taking the amount of flights flown, and comparing it with the number of
accidents, the global accident rate comes down to 2.1 accidents per million
departures. ICAO is always striving for a safer industry, and works closely
with the international community to ensure it’s as safe as can be

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