So how does this decision-making
research relate to voting material?


Although legal documentation design
such as financial and personal forms are important when considering decision
making graphics, however, one major decision we do as a society is to vote!
Voting allows us to be heard and elect who we want to represent us. It gives us
a voice and ‘because power is in the hands not of a minority but of the whole
people’ (Pericles, c. 430 B.C., cited in Saxonhouse, 1993). Every vote counts as it is important
to keep our democracy alive and vote for what we believe in. When going to vote
we have most likely already made up our mind as to who we might vote for.

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However, even if the decision is set, the design could jeopardise this and
prevent us from conducting a true vote. Therefore, it is a critical topic area
to cover when considering the design for decision making for important